• You win

    And your network wins

Everyone is networking

Download our win-win sheet.
Email it to us.
Recommend AVID to friends & business associates.
Tell us who you referred.
Have your associates mention your name.
We'll then pay you 20% - 30% of our sales.

It’s simple

20% of our consultancy sales paid to you, or 30% credited to your company. Your Choice. In the digital networking age its that simple.

Highly profitable

You also earn 5% on all sales of AVID™ I.P. Valued at AuD$500k to $10 million, a successful referral will earn you $25,000 to $250,000. One of your referrals may earn you up to $250,000.

Go to our AVID™ I.P. page. I.P. now available for sale includes: Join us, network & win-win.

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