• The world’s new pallet system

The global opportunity

500 million wood pallets are made in the USA each year, likely a billion worldwide each year. Most are hardwood.

The global industry is looking to move away from wood to plastic pallets, Until UNICON plastic pallets have been prohibitively expensive & not strong enough.

Problems with hardwood pallets:

Heavy 20-30kg, requires 2 workers to carry. High trucking fuel costs. 400 pallets weighs up to 12 tonnes.

Expensive about $30 each to make.

Splinters Harms workers hands.

Fall apart Nails rust & come loose.

Harbours pests Must be fumigated

Superior benefits

Polyethylene-terephthalate, recycled soft-drink bottles.

Super strong
Expected to easily hold a 1 tonne load. Durable, will last for many years.

Low cost
$5 expected manufacturing cost.

15kg, a huge fuel saving for trucking companies. 400 hardwood pallets = 12 tonnes. 400 UNICON pallets = 6 tonnes.

Both a standard GWA pallet & a bulk goods pallet. Walls click in place in seconds, forming a bulk goods pallet.

Patented function
Granted USA & Australia utility patent

Patented process
USA & Australia patented process. We have worldwide rights.


Projected return
$100 million 3 years of market launch.

Gross profit margin
$7.5 of $15 wholesale price.

Projected $ sales 5 years ($m)
$1.25, $3.75, $11.25, $33.75, $101.25

Information available
Engineering specifications. Manufacturing Bill of Materials. Wholesale price & profit margin. Capital requirements. Projected return on investment 5 years. Patent specifications.

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