• The world’s new Post system

The global opportunity

94 million beef cattle, 9 million dairy cows on 1 million cattle ranches, 31,000 dairy farms in the USA. Av. property 434 acres, 3.3 miles (5.3km) perimeter fencing. Including internal fencing (likely x 5) 16.5 miles (26.5km) per property x 1.31 million properties = 21.6 million miles (34.7 million km) of cattle fencing in the USA.

A post every 16.5 feet (5m) / 320 posts per mile (200 per km) = 69.1 billion existing posts. Likely 10% of existing posts are replaced yearly (6.9 billion). If TUFF post takes 10% of that 10%, potential sales are 690 million . Add Australia market (7.2% of USA) and 739 million TUFF posts would be sold each year.

Ordinary posts
Hardwood. Expensive, rot & fail at ground level.
Treated pine. Doesn’t last.
Steel. Rust and fail at ground level.
Concrete. Expensive, heavy, slow & expensive to install.
Plastic PVC. Not viable.
Star picket. labour intensive wire tying at each post.
T post. labour intensive wire typing at each post.
Star & T posts. Hazardous, sharp tops, injure horses & people. Cheap & look cheap.

Superior benefits

Faster, drive in the ground & pull the wire through. No fiddly, costly, labour intensive tie-wires needed. Fast click-in attachment of dog fence mesh. Will not rot or rust off at the base. Strong structural beam section.

World first patent pending features
No rot, no rust in soil innovation. [1]
Rapid, easy, lower-cost mustering feature. [2]
Rapid stock-escape in event of wild fires. [3]
Click-in/click-out no tools dog fence mesh attachment. [3]

1 Method not shown. Subject to utility provisional patent spec. NDA available.

2 Cattle management feature not shown. Subject to utility provisional patent specific. NDA available.

3 Clip method not shown. Subject to utility provisional patent spec. NDA available.


Projected return $113.9 million 5 years

Gross profit margin (per Tuff post) US$ Manuf. cost $5, margin $1.5, wholesale $9.1, reseller $12.74

Projected unit sales/$m sales 5 years 100K/$150K, 500K/$750K, 5m/$7.5m, 20m/$30m, 50m/$75m

Information available Engineering specifications. Manufacturing Bill of Materials. Wholesale price & profit margin. Capital requirements. Projected return on investment 5 years. Provisional patent specifications.