• Organizing & storage cube

The global opportunity

A major US uni. study reports tens of millions of Americans struggling to declutter their homes. Homes & garages are bulging with disorganized stuff.

A 100 of millions of units p.a, market exists for a strong, straight sided, stackable, organizing storage product.

Plastic tubs
Poor load bearing when stacked. Lids buckle & crack. Can’t be stacked if the lid is cracked or missing. Up to 30% of space is wasted because of angled sides Ugly space gaps between stacks. Look ugly.

Cardboard boxes Low strength, not durable. Bottoms are lows strength & often burst open. Absorb moisture, crumple & fall apart. Not suitable for long terms safe storage. Look ugly.

Superior benefits

Unprecedented benefits
A perfect straight sided cube.
Self aligning beautiful stacks.
No gasps between stacks.
Very strong, each cube holds 100kg.
Glass clear for easy contents viewing.
Flush, close off carry handles.
NFC contents listing & easy find technology.
Packs flat for easy low cost shipping.
Flat-pack for easy carry home.
Click assembles in seconds.

Patented function
USA & Australia utility patents. SMART CUBE is only one form of patented SNAPCON™ technology. The patent protects, any size & any shape container, in any material.


Projected return
$71 million 5 years of market launch.

Gross profit margin (various sizes)
Man. cost $3, margin $2, wholesale $6, Retail $12

Projected unit sales/$m sales 5 years
100K/$200K, 500K/$1m, 5m/$10m, 10m/$20m, 20m/$40m

Information available
Engineering specifications. Manufacturing Bill of Materials. Wholesale price & profit margin. Capital requirements. Projected return on investment 5 years. Patent specifications.

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