• First mass-market O2 chamber

The global opportunity

The USA’s 75 million baby boomers want to stay young. Av. p.a. spend on health products is US$12,180 / $913.5 billion.

O2 chambers now approved by the FDA for 13 illnesses. Rapid wound healing, recovery from strokes & heart attacks, dementia, skin youthfulness, increased energy. Sports clinics clubs, athletes, health clubs, cosmetic surgeons, wound care specialists now purchase them. A mass market is ready for OXY+. Existing chambers will never be mass market:

Far too expensive
Hard-shells $70,000 - $150,000 Soft (bags) $10,000 - $30,000

Many problems
Claustrophobic, very small windows. Bags take 3-5 minutes to inflate. Small hatches, flaps & zips. Very difficult to get in & out of. Aged & injured athletes find them impossibly difficult.

Superior benefits

Hard-shell chamber
Made from Polyethyelene-terephthalate, recycled soft-drink bottles. Glass clear, 2.0mm thick & near bullet proof.

Low cost
Our patented manufacturing process & low cost recycled material means manufacturing cost is expected to be under $1,000, allowing an incredibly low, mass-market retail price of sub $5,000.

Unprecedented user benefits
Feather light, gas-lift top-opening canopy. Aged people & injured athletes can step in & out with ease. Class clear, total view outlook, no claustrophobia. Stylish, compliments bedroom, family room, gym & clinic. Smart phone app. controlled. Thermo-electric air cooling.

Patented manufacturing process
USA & Australia patented process. We have worldwide rights.


Projected return
$120 million 5 years of market launch.

Gross profit margin
$1,000 of $2,500 wholesale price, $5,000 retail price.

Projected unit/$m sales 5 years
$10K/10m, $20K/20m, $30K/30m, $60K/60m $100K/100m

Information available
Engineering specifications. Manufacturing Bill of Materials. Wholesale price & profit margin. Capital requirements. Projected return on investment 5 years. Patent specifications. Our worldwide license

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