• Pipe reinforcing & repair device

The global opportunity

2.5 million miles of USA’s natural gas pipelines have thousands of leaks & ruptures every year. Climatologists warn the gas causes 25x more global warming than CO2.

Millions of ML of water are lost annually to leaks and ruptures. 2000 - 2010 twenty two US cities lost 3% to 31.4% of their water due to water mains leaks.

Butt-fusion welds of HDPE pipelines are can be unreliable. Engineers are concerned. 833,000 welds per 10,000 km of new pipeline each year can be safeguarded by BIAXR™.

Also a large global market for small sizes (1/2” dia. to 2” dia.) for plumbing & irrigation markets.

Competitive products Existing clamps, stainless steel bands & cast-iron couples which bolt around pipes are at least 10x the $ cost of a same size BIAXR™ & they rust and corrode.

Resin & fiberglass bandages are messy and labor intensive. 5x more expensive BIAXR™.

Superior benefits

Eco friendly
Made from biaxially oriented Polyethylene-terephthalate (recycled soft-drink bottles) BIAXR™ is very low cost.

Low cost
Our patented manufacturing process & low cost recycled material means manufacturing cost is lower than any competitor.

Unprecedented benefits
Packs flat for easy, low cost shipping. Flat pack means compact storage & easy handling. 5mm thick BIAXR doubles the wall strength of HPDE pipe. Will not rust, not biodegradable, will last 200 years or more. Easily fitted. Powerfully shrinks permanently onto pipe at low 72° heat.

Patented manufacturing process
USA & Australia patented process. We have worldwide rights.


Projected return $176 million 5 years

Gross profit margin (various sizes)
50% margin.

Projected $m sales 5 years
$1m, $5m, $20m, $50m, $100m

Information available
Engineering specifications. Manufacturing Bill of Materials. Wholesale price & profit margin. Capital requirements. Projected return on investment 5 years. Patent specifications. Our worldwide license

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